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Ruve Commerce Ltd. is a commercial company, established in 1992, specialized in the import, export and re-export of raw materials. The main deliveries are realized from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

The company has 100% Bulgarian private ownership, with its headquarters in Sofia. 

Ruve Commerce is a dynamic company with highly qualified professional team, aiming to increase the market share of the company in the spirits of loyal competition and a constant strive to fully meet our customers' requirements. These values together with the 20 years of unique experience turned Ruve Commerce into a wanted and reliable partner for more than 60 companies in Bulgaria.


Main areas of activities:

› Supply of carbon black for the rubber industry;

› Supply of different types of papers and cardboards;

› Supply of glass fibers and glass fabrics. 


Ruve Commerce is a member in the following organizations:

› Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 1994

› Russian Chamber of Commerce – 1997-1998

› Branch Chamber of the Pulp and Paper Industry.

›Bulgarian Association of Rubber Industry.



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